Crown Jewel (Dropping Gems)

Eyes piercing your soul, I know you feel the vibe Poetic and aesthetic, giving you my truth in real time Hoop earring swag like MJ in 95 or 98 Scorpio ascended, achieved my 35th on November 8th Can I kick it? If not let the shot fade away Life path number 8, infinite cycles of…Read more Crown Jewel (Dropping Gems)

Autumn Love 2 (Fall in Love)

As the summer breeze evades my vicinity, I’m once again greeted by the rustling of autumn leaves Autumn breezes, apple cider and pumpkin spices, it’s hoodie season! No matter the reason, starry-eyed feelings cultivated by coffee dates, traveling, and wine tasting events…. It’s evident that I’m convinced that this moment in time was predestined Predetermined…Read more Autumn Love 2 (Fall in Love)

Is Juneteenth Free? (The Cost of Black Freedom)

  Despite the fact that I screamed “Still I RISE”, we’re still not free I dreamed and marched and told you all about my dream and yet… still not free I started a movement to take my people “Back to Africa”, however, still not free I jumped from your free throw line and soared to…Read more Is Juneteenth Free? (The Cost of Black Freedom)

From the Heart (My Words, My Heart)

Listening to Kendrick’s 2nd heart As I reconfigure and recalibrate my own heart A self-proclaimed embodiment of art A certified genius in my own right I don’t take flight when adversity knocks, I fight Inspiring and maintaining while trying to live in this world as light, Hoping to receive empathy for inherited pain, Hoping that…Read more From the Heart (My Words, My Heart)

Day Dreamin’

Airy feelings arise with mental telepathy No surgery, just empathy as the remedy Daydreaming about possibilities And alternate realities I’m falling baby, save me baby, cuz lately I'm creating creative ideas for you to dissect and inspect The accuracy of my emotional intellect as I project What I desire into the universe Breaking curses with…Read more Day Dreamin’

The Key

They say the key to a person’s soul is through the eyes Well I guess that makes sense Especially how our eyes change when we fantasize Visions of us on a tropical isle, relaxing and sipping Sharing ideas and dreams in this game with no end In a world that’s forever changing Where quitters don’t…Read more The Key