California on My Mind

Cruising with the window down and the wind free flowing No care in the world, no emotion, no sadness or commotion Just going through the motions while driving near the Pacific Ocean Or bay, possibly San Fran or Monterrey, either way it’s a good day Where you can let your spirit be free in a…Read more California on My Mind


I desire to be free, spiritually, Mentally, emotionally, and physically Free to be me Free to be blessed To make progress Free to grow authentically I desire abundance for my family I’m thankful for my family For them I just want to be the best ME I’m grateful for you believing in my abilities I’m…Read more Manifestations

Day Dreamin’

Airy feelings arise with mental telepathy No surgery, just empathy as the remedy Daydreaming about possibilities And alternate realities I’m falling baby, save me baby, cuz lately I'm creating creative ideas for you to dissect and inspect The accuracy of my emotional intellect as I project What I desire into the universe Breaking curses with…Read more Day Dreamin’

The Key

They say the key to a person’s soul is through the eyes Well I guess that makes sense Especially how our eyes change when we fantasize Visions of us on a tropical isle, relaxing and sipping Sharing ideas and dreams in this game with no end In a world that’s forever changing Where quitters don’t…Read more The Key

God’s Greatest Creation,Woman

Without you, we would cease to be, without you, life as we know it is incomplete The one who creates and sustains life, the one who cures all ills with her light For what’s a man without a wife? For what’s an unshared goal without a loved one at night? Nowhere near perfect but you…Read more God’s Greatest Creation,Woman

Beyond the Still Waters (In Deep Thought)

Introspective and reflective of my own thoughts Intertwined metaphysically between destiny and ambitious thoughts, The law of attraction is the light that resurrected my creativity from the dark Infused and enthused from a small spark, my existence perpetuates through my art I have a way with words, I’m addicted like a man to a woman…Read more Beyond the Still Waters (In Deep Thought)

What is Beauty? (Are You Beautiful?)

True beauty is the ability to see and acknowledge all of your flaws, Everything about yourself that makes you uncomfortable, and accept them… They are what make you and I unique, While simultaneously being capable of being willing to acknowledge And accept the same in another person, one person.... The strength, loyalty, trust, and effort…Read more What is Beauty? (Are You Beautiful?)